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Fencing & Porcelain Patio Installation – Pontefract

Fencing & Porcelain Patio Projce – Pontefract

This time around we are in Pontefract, where we took on the project to bring some life back into the customers garden fresh for the year and summer ahead. Dive into this page where you can read on our approach to the work, the journey and the result. Take a look at the before and after images to see how our work has elevated this garden area.

At Carlton Drives & Patios, we believe every outdoor space holds the promise of beauty and enjoyment. With expert precision and creative vision, we embarked on a transformative journey. View the ‘before’ images capturing a space that was functional but failed to inspire or invite—the worn decking and tired fencing called out for rejuvenation. As a result of our work, as seen in the ‘after’ photos, is nothing short of breathtaking—a porcelain patio that beckons with its sleek, modern appeal and new fencing that promises privacy and style. Selecting the finest materials for longevity and aesthetics, we installed a porcelain patio that exudes contemporary elegance. This robust material stands against the test of British weather, offering a slip-resistant and low-maintenance haven that glistens even when kissed by rain.

To conclude, the perimeter of this newly crafted outdoor retreat is now lined with exquisite fencing, providing a chic backdrop that complements the patio’s hues. The installation isn’t just a boundary but a statement of design, offering a secluded nook for relaxation or social gatherings.

porcelain patio fencing installation 01 porcelain patio fencing installation 03

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