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Based in Barnsley, we are your go-to experts for transforming outdoor spaces. Our team offers professional services across Wakefield, Darton, Monk Bretton, Pogmoore, and Doncaster, catering to a variety of needs and preferences.

Discover our wide array of services designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property.

Each service is thoughtfully planned and executed to align with your specific requirements. Our commitment is to ensure that every project reflects your personal style and meets our high standards of quality.

We will require no deposit before each project and comprehensive ten-year warranties will provide Kent customers with an additional peace of mind. To speak with a professional or to request a consultation, please contact us at a convenient time.


Our dedicated team guarantees a seamless, high-quality finish that complements your home and stands the test of time. Transform your home's entrance with Carlton Drives & Patios' professional driveway services.

Block Paving

Elevate your property with our bespoke block paving services. Whether crafting a new driveway or revitalising an aged one, our expert team delivers precision, durability, and style.


Our skills blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, using quality materials to fashion spaces where memories are made. We're dedicated to designing areas that reflect your personal style and enhance outdoor living.

Artificial Grass

Embrace low maintenance beauty with our stunning artificial grass services. Perfect for those seeking a lush lawn without the upkeep, our high-quality synthetic turf services keep you at piece of mind.


Seeking a smooth, durable surface for your driveway? Carlton Drives & Patios specialises in high-quality tarmac services, perfect for withstanding the test of time and traffic. Experience our professional services ensuring your driveway stays pristine for years.

Imprinted Concrete

Transform your driveway or patio with the artistry of imprinted concrete. A popular and decorative way for driveways, patios and paths. Discover the beauty and longevity of imprinted concrete with Carlton Drives and Patios.


Elevate your outdoor living with our bespoke decking services. From traditional wood decks to modern composite options, we design and install decking that reflect your style and enhance your garden.


Define your outdoor space and add privacy with our fencing services. Choose from a range of designs, from classic to contemporary, to match your style. We offers stylish fencing that complements your property and enhances security.


Unlock the full potential of your garden with our landscaping services. We offer everything from garden bed design to path and step installation. Let our team of experts transform your outdoor space into an area you have always dreamed of.

Resin Bound

Experience the modern beauty and eco-friendliness of resin-bound surfaces. Perfect for driveways and patios, resin-bound services offer a smooth, durable finish with a variety of color options.

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