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Granite Block Paving Driveway – Wakefield

Granite Block Paving Driveway – Wakefield

Embark on a journey of transformation with Carlton Drives & Patios, where we turn the mundane into the magnificent. Our recent project in Wakefield is a perfect testament to our companies work; a complete revamp of an old driveway into a modern marvel of granite block paving with charcoal borders, new steps, and channel drainage.

View the before slider picture captures a typical driveway in need of attention – faded paving slabs, overgrown edges, and a general sense of neglect. It was functional but far from the dream driveway homeowner’s desire. Recognising the potential, our team at Carlton Drives & Patios set to work, and the results speak for themselves. The after image showcases the sheer beauty of granite block paving, carefully laid to perfection. The driveway now boasts a charcoal border that frames the space, adding depth and character. New steps lead to the home, providing a stately and secure entrance, while the channel drainage ensures that the driveway remains puddle-free, merging practicality with curb appeal.

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For residents of Wakefield or Surrounding Areas looking to revitalise their driveways, contact Carlton Drives & Patios at, or call us on 01226 697 795 or 0800 747 1497. We offer free consultations and quotes, with no compromise on service quality. Let’s pave the way to your home’s transformation.

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