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Kendal Grey Natural Stone Patio – Wakefield

Kendal Grey Natural Stone Patio – Wakefield

In the heart of Wakefield, a transformation has unfolded, courtesy of Carlton Drives & Patios’ expertise. What was once an uninspired and weather-worn patio is now a testament to timeless elegance with the installation of a Kendal Grey natural stone patio, complete with a charcoal border, sophisticated step, a new recessed installation chamber, channel drainage, and key curb retainer.

Our initial canvas presented a space that many homeowners overlook. The before slider scene shows a garden and patio area that lacked cohesion and purpose—dull paving slabs surrendered to the elements, diminishing the potential charm of the outdoor space. Carlton Drives & Patios matched with our customers vision envision a serene haven that could become the cornerstone of family gatherings and tranquil outdoor living for the future. The transformation is profound as the after images reveal a meticulously laid Kendal Grey natural stone, harmoniously partnered with a charcoal border that frames this newly crafted patio. Each stone was selected for its unique character, ensuring that the overall effect is one of natural variation and subtle sophistication.

Channel drainage has been integrated into the design, offering a practical solution to water runoff without compromising on aesthetics. The key curb retainer is the finishing touch, providing a definitive edge that guarantees the patio’s integrity and longevity. Furthermore, with addition of a new step not only provides a practical elevation change but also serves as a statement piece, inviting guests into the home. Take a further look at some of the before and after images below.

grey natural stone patio wakefield 03 grey natural stone patio wakefield 04

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